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Grading Changes – Fred C. Underhill & Hooksett Memorial Schools

Dear Fred C. Underhill School & Hooksett Memorial School Families, 

We are writing to inform you that we will be implementing a modified report card for the third trimester. Over the past several weeks, the SAU15 administration has reviewed the Distance Learning plans along with how we could assess and grade students. When our students are physically attending elementary school, the teachers are able to assess learning through participation, completion of assignments, and formal assessments. Many of our assessments are delivered one-on-one with students to gain an accurate picture of their growth and achievement. When school was originally closed, it was our intention to maintain our typical assessment and grading practices. Since the school closure has been extended to May 4, 2020, we revisited our ability to assess and grade students remotely for the third trimester. We will not be able to replicate our typical assessment and grading practices remotely. 

Moving forward schools in the Hooksett School District will implement a Pass/Incomplete grading system.  In making this transition, students will be assessed upon their submission and completion of designated assignments.  Teachers will continue to instruct students through the Distance Learning sites along with the use of English/Language Arts and Mathematics program materials.

Below is the grading system that will be used for the remainder of the school year:

  • Assignments that are graded will be aligned to the school district’s core programs for English/Language Arts and Mathematics and grade-level competencies.
  • Individual assignments will be graded as Passing or Missing/Incomplete. Teachers will provide feedback on designated assignments that have been turned in. Students will have an opportunity to make up incomplete work at any time during the trimester.
  • At the end of the third trimester the final competency/grade score will be:
    • Passing with Distinction (P+) = Submitted 80% or more of the assignments
    • Passing (P) = Submitted 65% to 79% of the assignments
    • Incomplete (I) = 64% or less of the work was submitted

The Hooksett School District is committed to supporting students during this difficult time.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.  


Benjamin Loi,
Fred C. Underhill School

Stephen Harrises,
Hooksett Memorial School

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