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HMS & Underhill Video Conferencing Release Form

Dear Underhill School and Hooksett Memorial School Parents;

Many Kindergarten through Fifth-Grade teachers are preparing to use video-conferencing to interact with their classes in real-time in the upcoming weeks.  This will allow classroom teachers to provide an opportunity for the students/classes to participate in social activities similar to a morning meeting, snack time, lunch bunch, etc. Zoom will only be used for social interaction purposes. Underhill and Memorial teachers will continue to use online Distance Learning websites to deliver video lessons to students using Screencastify, as they have already been doing. 

Only students assigned to that specific classroom will be allowed into the video-conferencing social meetings. Parents must grant consent for their child to participate in these video-conferencing sessions. The form provided below will be used to document your permission for these activities.

Please complete this online form to give your consent for video and audio conferencing sessions:

Finally, we thank you for your positivity, support, patience, and flexibility as we move forward with video-conferencing and Distance Learning. Please let us know if you need any support. Take care and be well !


Benjamin Loi
Underhill Principal

Stephen Harrises
HMS Principal

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