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General Information


No School or Delayed Opening announcements will be made by radio on WGIR (610AM), WZID (95.7FM), WKXL (102.3FM, 1450AM), WFEA (1370AM), WOKQ (97.5FM), WEVO (89.1), WJYY 105.5), WNNH (99.1) and by television on WMUR Channel 9. WMUR’s web site also lists this information.

All school delayed openings are for 2 hours. Should this occur, students can expect to be picked up at their bus stops 2 hours later than normally scheduled. For example, if your son/daughter is normally picked up at 7:50AM, then on delayed openings, pick-up time will be 9:50AM.

Should students in schools be sent home early due to inclement weather, announcements will be made on the same radio and television stations and students will be afforded the opportunity to call home. An automated phone call and/or text message may also be used to announce this information. Parents are advised to make arrangements in advance with their children in case of an early dismissal.



If your child will need to ride a bus other than his/her regular bus, please send a note in to school and instruct your child to give it to his/her teacher in the morning. We do not accept any student’s word regarding bus changes. A note or a phone call is required, but please make phone calls about bus changes prior to 1:30 PM to eliminate confusion at the end of the day. Please refrain from sending an email about a “time-sensitive” change, as that email may not be received/reviewed in time to assure that your child takes the correct transportation home. Please be sure that the note contains the following information:

  • Child’s full name
  • Teacher’s name and grade
  • Regular bus number
  • Bus number to switch to
  • Where or with whom your child will be getting off the bus
  • Date of bus change

Students are allowed to ride a bus other than their own only as space permits. At times during the year some buses are full and cannot take additional students. You may call the bus company (Goffstown Truck Center, 222-2248) ahead of time to check on the availability of space on a bus. If a long term change is required, please contact Goffstown Truck Center.



No child will be dismissed from school until the parent has sent a note or made a phone call to the main office requesting release. Children will be released only to the parents/legal guardians or anyone listed on the emergency cards unless otherwise instructed in a note or phone call of release. Phone calls to the main office for dismissals should be made before 1:30PM to eliminate any confusion at the end of the day and to assure that all children are transported home appropriately and safely. Children will not be released from class until person dismissing arrives at the main office.  Please refrain from calling the school and requesting your child to be waiting in the main office.



Teachers will be in the classrooms at 8:40AM when the first bus arrives and are on duty in the afternoon until the last bus leaves the school at approximately 3:30PM. No child should be on the school grounds before the first bus arrives. The school accepts no responsibility before that time. Use of the playground is off limits to non-school personnel from the time the first bus arrives in the morning until the last bus leaves in the afternoon. The first bell is at 9:00AM and dismissal is at 3:25PM. The office is open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM during the school year. Summer hours vary.



Parents/guardians should send a note or phone the school if they wish to pick up their child on a given day. If a child is being picked up for the entire week, a note on Monday will suffice. Children leaving school other than at assigned times or by assigned transportation must be picked up in the main office. At the end of the school day, students being picked up will be dismissed to the north entrance at 3:25PM. Phone calls to the main office for unexpected parent pick up should be made before 1:30PM to eliminate confusion at the end of the day and to assure that all children are transported home appropriately and safely.



All students at HMS have been reviewing and learning how to use the playground equipment correctly and safely during their first Physical Education Class. Playground rules and a diagram will be available shortly.



Hours for the main office are from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. All outside doors, including the main entrance are locked during the school hours. During school hours, visitors will enter the foyer and press a buzzer for assistance. Upon identification, access to the building will be granted.

All parents, visitors, vendors, and contractors must report to the main office. A Visitor’s Pass will be provided when a person has reason to go beyond the office. You will be requested to sign in, receive a pass, and return the pass when you sign out.

We welcome and encourage parents to visit Hooksett Memorial School. If you wish to visit a specific classroom at a specific time, please call the school and make arrangements for your visitation. However, we do request that parents not visit the classroom teachers from 8:40AM to 3:30PM due to the fact that the teachers are busy teaching, supervising student arrivals, and preparing students for bus dismissal during this time.



For the safety of the children, please yield to buses and follow traffic patterns when dropping children off or picking them up at school.

The drop off/pick up area will be located at the northern entrance of the building and will be supervised by school personnel. It will not be necessary to park and exit your vehicle during these times. If you need to park to enter the building, please park in designated visitor parking and enter through the main entrance. During student dismissal in the afternoon, we strongly suggest, that for the safety of all, parents should follow the “valet service” format and wait in the vehicle line to pick up their children.

In an effort to streamline afternoon pick-up, we have initiated an additional identification process. Parent Pick-Up Cards have been provided for each student. Please display one of the cards on the car dashboard when picking up your child. This will help to make the process faster, more secure and safer for students. If you do NOT have the card, you may be asked to present proper identification.