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HMS Friendship Week 2020

February 17 to February 21, 2020

This week HMS is celebrating our current, new, and future friendships!

Monday, February 17- Support our Military Day!

  • Support our military friends by wearing military colors or red, white, and blue. Throughout the week we will be collecting items for donations, a list will be provided. 

Tuesday, February 18- Buddy Class Day!

  • Let’s celebrate our new friendships! Wear your Buddy Class color to recognize your new friendships. Buddy Classes will meet today and decorate the school hallways with kind messages. Today you will mix it up with your buddies from last year during lunch as well.

Wednesday, February 19- Book Character Day! 

  • What book character would you like to be friends with? Today represent that character and dress up like them! If you have the book, bring it in to share with your class.  If not, find another favorite book to bring in and share!

Thursday, February 20- Superhero Day

  • What’s your Superpower? Superheroes are the best friends and are well-known for protecting others and having everyone’s back. Dress up as your favorite superhero or create your own superhero! Let’s celebrate our friends of the future!

Friday, February 21- PJ/slippers Day!

  • Wear your favorite slippers and pajamas to cozy up with your current classmates! TIGER from Plymouth State University will be joining our HMS community today with a presentation called “Kindness Counts”. 

You may view the source document for this announcement by following this link. (PDF)

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