Volunteer Opportunities

These are just a few of the many things that our volunteers do for our school:

  • Several volunteers have spent countless hours helping the school librarian to set up the entire Library.
  • Each month, the Hooksett fire fighters come and have lunch with a different class on Fire Fighter Fridays.
  • Students from Cawley Middle School and Central High School come to help with the after school band program.
  • Parent volunteers come to help with Destination Imagination after school on Mondays.
  • Parent volunteers come in each day during each lunch period to help out during lunch and recess.
  • A volunteer workshop was held for all Computer Lab volunteers.
  • Parent volunteers assist teachers during their Computer Lab times, and several volunteers come in on Monday and Thursday for recess computer lab.
  • Volunteers come in each day to help with photocopying and clerical tasks for the teachers.
  • A volunteer helped the school librarian to set up and continues to assist with the School Store, which is up and officially running. Students can go to the store on Wednesdays during lunch recess.
  • Over 85 volunteers came in to help out during our Fall Festival.

Contact the HMS Volunteer Coordinator at hmsvolunteers@sau15.net