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IMPORTANT- Bus Delays for Hooksett Elementary Schools

Dear Hooksett Memorial School Parents/Guardians,

We have been informed by our bus company that due to a shortage of bus drivers, this will impact the timing of morning pick-ups and possibly afternoon drop-offs. Starting tomorrow, the driver shortage will result in combined routes and late pick up/drop off times for the Hooksett Elementary Schools. Please see the changes below.

  • Bus 6 will be combined with Bus 11 with no time impact.
  • Bus 13 and Bus 14 will be combined. The route will start at 8:05am with Bus 14’s start time.  Since the routes are combined, this may cause a delay of 15 minutes in some areas. Please be prepared for the possible delay.
  • Bus 12 and Bus 17 will be delayed with a 9:00am start time for pick-ups since bus drivers will need to complete their assigned routes and drop-off at both schools before picking up Bus 12 and Bus 17 students. This means that pick-ups may be 45-60 minutes later than the regularly scheduled time.

Please note that only the buses referenced above are impacted for the morning runs. All other buses will run on schedule in the morning. As soon as we receive any updates from the bus company, we will let you know. We understand the challenge this presents to families. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.



Brad Largy

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