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Falcon cam

Naming the Falcons

Ms. Amato’s 4th graders have been avidly watching the Manchester NH Falcon Cam (a joint effort of the New Hampshire Audubon Society, the Brady Sullivan Properties, and Single Digits Corporation) since the adult pair began their “nestorations” of this year’s scrape. The pair of Peregrine Falcons reside at the Brady Sullivan Tower at 1750 Elm St., Manchester. They are awaiting the arrival of their 4 eyasses, due to hatch in early May. As part of the Falcon Cam, there is also an accompanying chat. The members of the chat, as well as the members of an associated Facebook Page (Manchester NH Falcon Fans), chose Ms. Amato’s class to help decide on names for the eyasses. We were given a list of eleven New Hampshire river (or bodies of water) names that were chosen by the members. After the students were paired up, each pair was assigned a river to research. Their task was to create a short presentation “campaigning” for their river to be one of the four names selected. They included research on rivers and falcons, slogans, photos, drawings, poetry, and even a song with an interpretative dance! The students presented, and then voted for their top four names. As the eyasses hatch, the following names will be assigned: Amos (Amoskeag Falls), Penny (Penacook), Sunny (Suncook), and Winni (Winnipesaukee).

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