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PTA Grants for HMS

Thanks to the Hooksett PTA for funding several grants at our school. Staff applied for these grants to purchase materials that are not provided through the school budget, in order to support students in their classrooms. All applications, after reviewed by the principal, went through a thorough review by members of the PTA. Applications were reviewed based on a variety of criteria, the highest weighted of which were educational impact and number of students that would benefit from the resource. Grants included: Scholastic Readers for fourth grade students; a book series (habitats, fossils, weather) for third grade teachers/students; planetarium materials for fifth grade students (PTA and Home Depot funded); sports equipment and math activities for physical education classes for all students; and phonological support materials to support struggling readers (requested by our speech/language providers). We truly appreciate how the PTA is making a difference in the lives of children at HMS!

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