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Friendship Week – February 9 to13

Let your star shine! Hooksett Memorial students and staff will be participating in Friendship Week from February 9th-13th. Each day presents a new theme focusing on accepting yourself, promoting self-esteem, and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. There will be a culminating visit from TIGER the following week to further enhance our celebration!

Monday, February 9- “When you Wish Upon a Star”

What are your future dreams? Dress up in your favorite winter pajamas, be prepared to still go to recess and bring your slippers to school if you wish! Students will reunite with their classmates from last year during the Class Reunion Lunch.

Tuesday, February 10- “Now STARRING”

Who is your favorite star? Is it your Mom, Dad, Aunt, , Uncle, Neighbor, someone famous, an author, an athlete? Dress up like a positive role model you look up to.

Wednesday, February 11- ‘You’re an AllSTAR”

Who is your favorite sports team? Support them by dressing in their colors or team apparel. Hats are allowed.

Thursday, February 12- “Out of this World”

Do you like to march to the beat of your own drum? Do you like to think out of the box and stand out from the crowd? Express yourself in as many different colors, patterns, mix-match clothing and hair styles as you can.

Friday, February 13- “Reach for the Stars”

What are your future goals? What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress your best to express your future self.

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