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Bus Routes 2014/2015

Click your school link to see the 2014-2015 bus routes –

Underhill & Memorial Bus Routes

Cawley Bus Routes

Machester Central Buses

Manchester West Buses

Pinkerton Buses

Due to the fact that we are now transporting our Pinkerton High School students we have had the opportunity to change some of our elementary routes so that students will be getting home earlier.  Changes to our Elementary Routes include four of our elementary routes now being done by Pinkerton High School buses and those routes are Bus 3, Bus 4, Bus 11, and Bus 16 and these routes are now labeled P 3, P 4, P11, and P 16 respectively.  Also, the University Circle neighborhood has been moved to Bus P 16 from Bus 6.

Changes for Middle School Routes include adding a section of West River Road to Bus 5 from Bus 13, Bus 13 will now be picking up the Pinnacle neighborhood, Bus 8 will no longer be picking up the Pinnacle neighborhood but did get an additional section of Hackett Hill Road from Bus 13.  Harvest, Monroe and Madison stops have been added to Bus 12 as opposed to Bus 10 last year.

Changes for High School  include picking up only on the right side of the road for all Hooksett Road stops due to a concern about the safety of our students crossing that road.  There will no longer be Manchester High School buses that transfer students (ie: buses 2 and 4 from last year’s schedule).  These buses now have their own complete run specific to one High School allowing us to discontinue the transfer of students from one bus to another.

If you have any specific questions about routes or stops please contact Student Transportation of America at 222-2248.

High School students are required to purchase a bus pass in order to ride the school bus and this pass needs to be presented daily.  Passes are $50/semester for transportation to and from high school or $25/semester for either AM only or PM only transportation.  Passes are available for purchase at the David R Cawley Middle School two weeks prior to the start of school.

For questions regarding bus passes please call the David R Cawley Middle School at (603) 518-5047.

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